Healthcare facility air diffuser MDS/MDS-R Roccheggiani

Healthcare facility air diffuser MDS/MDS-R Roccheggiani

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Air diffuser MDS/MDS-R The air diffuser is used to provide both conditioning and ventilating air and to distribute the flow of air in the desired directions. Application - MDS/MDS-R is used for all types of premises. -The MDS and MDS-R is made for mounting in room corner. Internal air deflectors provide even air distribution. -Supported with 9 unitsizes: 100, 125, 160, 200, 250, 315, 400, 500 and 630. Airflow rates: 20-2000 l/s (70-7200m 3/h). Under temperature: 6°C below room air temperature. If ?T is higher, the MDS can be equipped with induction chamber. -Regular service is not required for inside cleaning. On demand it can be delivered with removable front panel.
  • Medical establishment:for healthcare facilities