Healthcare facility air conditioning unit 10 - 116 kW | MAGISTER CIAT

Healthcare facility air conditioning unit 10 - 116 kW | MAGISTER CIAT
10 - 116 kW | MAGISTER

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The innovative design air conditioner is used in the environment of high heat and sensitive rooms like computer rooms, date centres, switch room. The product is well designed that can run smoothly in any environment. The loads of the room is adjusted with the self-regulating control. The consumption of energy is kept down with the help of electronically commutated motor. It is a packaged unit. The panels of the product is double-skin including M0/A1 insulation. The model of the product includes self supporting casing or aluminium frame. The product provides choices of filter of G4 or F7 or G4 + F7. The two or three way valve are fixed with chill water coil in order to provide cooling. The speed of the plug fan can be controlled by EC motor. The electric heater or the hot water coil provided with the product helps in heating. It contains steam humidifier. The cabinet is fully electrical with CIAT µAIRCONNECT 2 or Carel pCO provide broad range of electronic control. The product free cooling module helps in taking fresh air from outside.
  • Medical establishment:for healthcare facilities

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