Hand-held spirometer / USB Lungtest Mobile MES

Hand-held spirometer / USB Lungtest Mobile MES
Lungtest Mobile

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Lungtest Mobile is a small portable diagnostic spirometer to be directly connected with built-in thermal printer. The spirometer has a big and wide angle high resolution touch-screen. The examination safety is based exclusively on the accessories provided in the set without any need to use anti-bacterial filters. A spirometer contains a built-in specialized computer for performing tests and developing results, an accurate measurement unit and very fast and quiet thermal printer. A patented replaceable pneumotach headpieces protect patients against infections.Lungtest Mobile spirometer is easy to use and to maintain. High measurement accuracy and technologically advanced software allow to perform with Lungtest Mobile the slow spirometry and flow-capacity curve. The full system of control over the correctness and quality of the performed examination compliant with the ERS and ATS guidelines, and the possibility to interpret and report the results of the performed examinations put the Lungtest Mobile spirometer on a par with the specialised diagnostic spirometric systems. Examinations performed by the spirometer Slow spirometry: VC, IC, ERV, TV, BF. Flow-volume curve: FEV 1, FVC EX, PEF, MEF 75, MEF 50, MEF 25, FEF25/75, TPEF, FET, MIF 50, BEV, FEV1/VC MAX, VC IN, Grade(A-F) arrow Bronchodilatation test Automatic evaluation of a diastolic test concisten with ERS standard. arrow Aditional options Maximum voluntary ventilation Measured and calculated parameters: MVV,BF,BR Electronic weather station module - for ATP/BTPS conection Transmissions of recorded tests to external programs
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