Ergometer exercise bike Corrival MES

Ergometer exercise bike Corrival MES

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The basic Corival ergometer can be extended with a Programmable Control Unit (former P - model) and/or a separate Blood Pressure Module. This means that if you only want to have bloodpressure measurement on your ergometer, you no longer have to order the programmable version (former PB-model). Of course, if you want to have both modules (Programmable and Bloodpressure), you can order these together. The display unit of the standard Corival shows multiple ergometry parameters and you can determine you specific default settings and start-up menu. The Corival can be extended with the following options: Programmable control unit. Besides the features of the standard Workload Programmer, the programmable control unit has an additional display facing the operator. You have the opportunity to freely programme up to 50 user-defined protocols. Possible programming parameters are: step, ramp, linear, heart rate, torque, repeat and all combinations of these parameters. The programmable control unit can be extended with an infrared port for wireless communication with a PC, laptop or PDA. Blood pressure module. Using this option you can extend your standard Corival with an accurate stress testing blood pressure monitor with Dimensional K-sound Analysis (DKA), triggered by a TTL pulse from an ECG system or by the optional heart rate receiver. The robust microphone has a double-sided pickup element for increased sensitivity and noise reduction. This module can be controlled by an external device, e.g. ECG system.
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