Cardio-respiratory stress test equipment START 2000 MES

Cardio-respiratory stress test equipment START 2000 MES
START 2000

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START 2000 ergospirometer is a stationary modular system for pulmonary function analysis and cardio-pulmonary exercise tests allowing for complex analysis of the measurements. START 2000 measurement system contains a pneumotach headpiece patented by MES and fast analysers of carbon dioxide and oxygen fit for applying "breath-by-breath" method to each exhalatory phase. Optionally, the system may be equipped with a mixing chamber. Thanks to application of a modern pneumotach headpiece, the measuring system does not require inhalation-exhalation valve and tube type connections. A test is held in comfortable environment because a subject breathes in natural conditions, without any additional air flow resistance. The built-in spirometric module with unique software controlling reliability of tests as recommended by ERS ensures determination of FEV1, MEF50, and VC, which are the basis for automatic determination of HR, VO2, and VE standard values measured during an exercise test. START 2000 allows for continuous recording in time function of the following signals: respiratory volume, flow rate, O2 and CO2 concentration in exhaled gas and 1-12 ECG leads. The system always stores the full course of a test and each exhalation may be reproduced. Presentation of the course of a test and printout of measured changes and calculated values are defined by an operator.
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