Follicle aspiration set BIMONOCYTE RI.MOS

Follicle aspiration set BIMONOCYTE RI.MOS

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For atraumatic oocyte aspiration in IVF procedures. Single lumen, double-way needle, one way for oocyte aspiration (5), second way for follicle flushing (3). Echogenic tip with atraumatic bevel (1). Oocyte aspiration is performed through a blue-colored tubing set that protects the oocyte from UV rays. The aspiration tubing set ends in a thermoplastic rubber bung (6) that is securely connected to the test tube. The needle is connected to both the aspiration and flushing tubings through a Y connector (2) (serving as finger grip) provided with two universal adapters that make the needle extremely versatile. Follicle flushing is performed through a plastic tubing set (3) ending in a stopcock (4) preventing any possible fluid reflux. Oocyte aspiration is controlled by a tubing clamp (10). Suction pump connection is made through a luer lock adapter (7). This versione is supplied with an additional universal adapter (9) allowing multiple connections. Beta irradiated to eliminate any risk of toxicity from residual contamination common with EtO.
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