Flake laboratory ice maker TC 403 tritec

Flake laboratory ice maker TC 403 tritec
TC 403

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This Ice Flaker is made of superior quality steel. It meets CNS quality standards and includes a plate covering whose front part is rounded. It has 4 feet that can be adjusted for height. The back part is made of galvanized sheet steel and the top panel is of superior quality silver grey plastic that can be pulled upwards. The ice storage container can easily be washed with its rounded corners and smooth accessible surfaces all made of ABS-quality plastic. The cooling unit can be installed from the bottom. Its condensing unit is composed of 2 components: 1 hermetic compressor and 1 finned condenser. The motor compartment makes use of the special evaporator with an endless screw. Upon formation, this screw crushes the ice and discharges it automatically into the storage bin.
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