Emergency medical ambulance / van Volkswagen T5 C. Miesen

Emergency medical ambulance / van Volkswagen T5 C. Miesen
Volkswagen T5

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Front view: This Volkswagen T5 (wheelbase 3.400mm) is equipped with the C.MIESEN high roof, made of GRP. A striking detail of this roof is the integrated emergency lights system: smoothly embedded into the vehicles surface, an optimized Cw-value decreases the fuel consumption and increases the economy of this ambulance. The associated noise reduction results in a larger travel comfort, too. According to customer request we painted this car in yellow and attached a 'Star od life' and red stripes. Tail view: The tail view shows the rear integrated emergency lights system. If desired we can also supply conventional warning bars or beacons. The modern design with eye-catching colors and contouring provides a good conspicuity in road traffic and thus offers an optimal optical safety. View into the patient's compartment: A view into the rear compartment reveals the practical loading of a roll-in stretcher via an exendable loading tray. At the right side the installation of a carrying chair is possible. Sidewalls, wheel arches and ceiling of the patient's room consist of only three GRP form parts. Over the side domes these parts have been stuck together to one piece, what optimizes cleaning and disinfecting. The GRP-parts guarantee for highest hygiene claims. Curves diminish the injury danger for patient and attendant. Besides, GRP material - in contrast to the ABS plastic used in earlier times of ambulance manufacturing - appears non-yellowing, still after years. The high strength of GRP prevents a splintering of the panels if a crash occurs - an important safety aspect.
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  • Applications:emergency
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