Emergency medical ambulance / light van Volkswagen T5 C. Miesen

Emergency medical ambulance / light van Volkswagen T5 C. Miesen
Volkswagen T5

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Frontal view: This vehicle is equipped with two rotating beacons - one at the front and one at the rear. Painting according to customer request. View from the rear: At the very left a "cabinet wall" was installed - next to the stretcher. To the right we mounted a bench seat with an underneath storage box. Partition wall: The partition consists of two movable panes of shatterproof glass. In the bottom area you see on the left side the heater outlet nozzles, at the right side the lid of a storage compartment. To the very right a storage area for an oxygen bottle is foreseen. Optimal illumination of the patient's compartment is provided by halogen spotlights, smooth integrated in the ceiling. Side panel cabinet: Enough storage space is ensured by a lot of shelfs at the left sidewall. Different sizes of the compartments provide storing of larger technical devices as well as small medical supplies.
  • Configuration:light van
  • Applications:emergency
United States