Embalming trolley / autopsy / loading / hydraulic LEEC

Embalming trolley / autopsy / loading / hydraulic LEEC

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Designed to offer a versatile and stable platform for embalming and / or autopsy, this robust stainless trolley offers a simple, yet effective approach to eliminating lifting within the mortuary, and allowing single person operation. The embalming trolley, which doubles up as an embalming table, is used in the normal manner to unload the tray from the cabinet. With the adjustable handle set at a comfortable working height, the tray can be drawn over and locked onto the handle. With the tray captured, and as the trolley is depressed, the tray continues to incline until a suitable gradient is reached, or to allow connection to a drainage facility. The trolley is particularly effective in a small or confined facilities, where space is at a premium, avoiding the need for other forms of transfer equipment.
  • Applications:loading, autopsy, embalming
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