Electronic patient weighing scale / chair 200 kg | Homer CAE

Electronic patient weighing scale / chair 200 kg | Homer CAE
200 kg | Homer

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Access for the patient is easy, (s)he can sit down easily, without being hindered by the footrest which is completely tucked away under the seat. The patient can also help him(her)self by resting on the armrests. The stability of the appliance is ensured by using the brakes on the wheels. Moving a patient to the chair is made easy thanks to the thoughtful design: low profile dimensions behind the backrest which allow an ideal position for nursing staff and armrests collapsible to 180°. The use of the footrest is very easy, it pulls out or pushes back in a single movement. Mobility: the "HOMER" weighing chair equipped with 4 wheels (+ brakes) is easy to move. It also offers the advantage of being able to move with a patient sitting on the scales.The reliability, accuracy and simplicity of use of the latest electronic equipment serves patients and nursing staff. It only takes three seconds to obtain accurate weighing results, the end of the weighing is signalled by a "beep". The appliance is equipped with the following standard functions: - RESET: restarts the system, returning to zero even if a load is present (enables the net weight to be determined). - HOLD: maintains the weight display, during the whole duration of the weighing, from the time that the display is stabilised. - REFRESH: restarts the weighing (HOT) without having to lift the patient from the scales and/or perform a stabilising of the display (anti-trembling). - MEM: displays the result of a weighing which is stored in the memory
  • Technology:electronic
  • Configuration:chair
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