Electronic patient weighing scale 200 kg | PF31 CAE

Electronic patient weighing scale 200 kg | PF31 CAE
200 kg | PF31

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Reliability, precision and userfriendliness for this electronic appliance are there to relieve the nursing staff. The weighing result is displayed precisely after only 3 seconds and the end of the weighing is signalled by a "beep". The weighing result will remain in memory until the next weighing. The appliance is equipped with the following standard functions: - RESET: restarts the system, returning to zero even if a load is present (enables the net weight to be determined). - HOLD: maintains the weight display during the weighing, from the time that the display is stabilised. - REFRESH: restarts the weighing (HOT) without having to lift the patient from the scales and/or stabilizes (FST) the display (anti-trembling). - MEM: displays the result of the last weighing which is stored in the memory. Power supply via the mains is a standard fitting or in variant, you can opt for power supply via a battery with integrated high-performance charger.
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