Electronic baby scale 15 kg | PF75 CAE

Electronic baby scale 15 kg | PF75 CAE
15 kg | PF75

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The reliability, accuracy and simplicity of use of the latest electronic equipment serves patients and care personnel. It only takes three seconds to obtain accurate weighing results, the end of the weighing is signalled by a "beep". The appliance is equipped with the following standard functions: - RESET: restarts the system, returning to zero even if a load is present (enables the net weight to be determined)(Tare) - HOLD: maintains the weight display, during the whole duration of the weighing, from the time that the display is stabilised. - REFRESH: restarts the weighing (HOT) without having to lift the baby from the scales and/or perform a stabilising of the display (anti-trembling). - MEM: displays the result of a weighing which is stored in the memory. A lithium battery power supply is a standard fitting (supplied with the appliance) or in variant, you can opt for a mains power supply. The low electric consumption of the scale guarantees a long battery life enabling thousands of weighings. Switching off is automatic or manual. This baby scale designed by CAE can also be equipped with an electronic height gauge with digital readout. Quick, accurate, simple to use, a multitude of advantages!
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