Electric mover Beagle Mini Beagle Mobility

Electric mover Beagle Mini Beagle Mobility
Beagle Mini

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The Beagle minimover is a auxiliary motor that aids the user while walking with heavy trolleys. It removes 90% of the physical effort and reduces the effort to the level of walking without a trolley. The control buttons are made in such a way that they function as a natural extension of the human body. The Beagle minimover stimulates walking with large and heavy trolleys. By placing the drive wheel centrally under the trolley, the steering becomes easier than that of a trolley without electric propulsion. When steering, the trolley turns on its own axis. The Beagle minimover is also provided with a retractable wheel. This allows the trolley to be parked on the four swivel castors by retracting the wheel and without having to 'place' it. Parking and manoeuvring out of tight spots becomes easy for all users.