Bed transfer trolley / universal / electrical / automatic Beagle Mobility

Bed transfer trolley / universal / electrical / automatic Beagle Mobility
Beagle Mobility

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The Beagle bedmover enables the patient transporter to work the whole day without over-exertion. Proper usage of the Beagle bedmover is conducive for constant quality in the work process and for the safety of the patient and the user. Moving beds without an auxiliary motor is difficult. Moving the bed is very labour intensive, because regardless of the weight of the patient, the size of the bed and the total weight involved makes it difficult. Beagle has developed a modern design for the Beagle bedmover A mix of diverse materials and new technical solutions has resulted in an up to date product that satisfies the demands of these modern times. The Beagle bedmover is the result of an intensive engineering process. User comfort was a leading factor in the design. This was a challenge when considering the complexity in attaching our product to the large assortment of beds on the market. There is a patent pending on the Beagle bedmover.
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