Electric mover Beagle compact Beagle Mobility

Electric mover Beagle compact Beagle Mobility
Beagle compact

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Using the same components, this compact electric mover for use in and around nursing homes and hospitals came about. Central to the design is user comfort, but we have also employed brand new technology. The mover is fitted with an electronic differential and two brush-less three-phase flange motors (motors in the wheel) which produce the power for the mover. The eye where the tow bar is to be attached, is between the flange motors. The hinge point for loads is between the flange wheels, making the steering very light. Our modified management electronics in combination with the above mentioned motors produces a synergy with a very high yield. Batteries last very long and the mover is economical with energy. The physical exertion involved in coupling the trolleys to the mover has always been a point of concern. Quite frequently they are spring loaded couplings that have to be engaged by pushing down with your foot. The Beagle mover has an interchangeable coupler, meaning that the user can easily switch couplings. We are also working on the possibility of a new coupling system that works faster and easier than the current system.