EEG amplifier / 32-channel Siesta Compumedics Neuroscan

EEG amplifier / 32-channel Siesta Compumedics Neuroscan

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The Siesta 32-channel EEG amplifier is the solution for wireless EEG recordings. Imagine having the freedom for your subject to move and still being able record clean EEG data. The Siesta amplifier gives you this flexibility. With a weight of only 300 grams (9.6 ounces, including battery) and a revolutionary small size, the system is very suitable for sports medicine, rehabilitation research and related applications where mobility is important. The WIFI data transmission allow you to collect data while your subject is mobile. In case the connection to the WIFI is lost the onboard storage makes sure you do not loose any valuable data. Multiple Siesta devices may be used within the same network/room and gives you the opportunity to perform multi-subject recordings and monitor interactions within a group. Doing research has never been so exciting.
  • Number of channels:32-channel
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