Distribution trolley / meal / refrigerated / warming Serelis ISECO FRANCE

Distribution trolley / meal / refrigerated / warming Serelis ISECO FRANCE

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SERELIS is a mobile buffet trolley for hot and cold multi-portion food containers. Patients can choose their own meals at the point of service. Easy to use: heaters and refrigeration can be switched on or off automatically or manually. Temperature control: the thermocontact heater plates can be programmed individually (a choice of four temperatures) so that different types of food can be re-heated at the same time. The heater plates remain warm even after the trolley has been unplugged so that food remains hot for as long as possible. Low energy consumption: each heating plate uses only the necessary power and can be left switched off if not in use. Stylish: the modern and attractive design looks good in any environment. Manoeuvrability: SERELIS trolleys are fitted with 6 wheels as standard for ease of mobility. A motorised version is also available as an option. The range: SERELIS trolleys are available with or without a refrigerated section and with various options and accessories SERELIS 7 or 8 levels, GN 1/1 SERELIS Compact 7 or 8 levels, GN 2/3
  • Use:meal
  • Applications:distribution