Banquet trolley / meal delivery / warming Vitalis Evo ISECO FRANCE

Banquet trolley / meal delivery / warming Vitalis Evo ISECO FRANCE
Vitalis Evo

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he thermocontact system in VITALIS Evo trolleys ensures that meals on individual trays are always kept at the correct temperature. Modulation is initiated by sliding the tray 50mm sideways. There is no need to turn it around. The tray position determines automatically the activated heating zones; full or partial shelf heating zone. Energy saving: individual heaters are only switched on if the presence of a tray is detected Easy transport: reduced trolley weight for better manoeuvrability. Versatile: variable tray area for hot and cold meals ensures greater flexibility Latest technology: the thermocontact heating system re-heats the food gently and thoroughly, without loss of quality The range 5 sizes with capacity from 16 to 30 trays per trolley. 3 refrigeration versions: Integral refrigeration system: Fresh Separate refrigeration docking station: Stand Fresh, CarbofreshTM with CO2 cassette: Carbo
  • Applications:meal delivery, banquet