Banquet trolley / meal delivery / refrigerated / warming Vitalis One ISECO FRANCE

Banquet trolley / meal delivery / refrigerated / warming Vitalis One ISECO FRANCE
Vitalis One

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VITALIS One food transport trolleys are designed to ensure that meals on individual trays are always kept at the correct temperature. The range is available in various versions and can be used in Cook-Serve, Cook- Chill or Cook-Freeze operations. Food can be stored and transported safely at all times, without loss of quality. VITALIS One is easy to use and staff are happy when they can serve excellent food to patients. Compact: The VITALIS one is built on a new chassis with reduced dimensions (950 x 750 mm) and weight. A smaller footprint makes storage and transport easier in trucks, lifts, offices and hospital rooms Easy to use: Lighter materials and 4 heavy-duty handles ensure improved manoeuvrability Energy saving: reduced power consumption without loss of performance. The 220 watt thermocontact heating shelf ensures gentle heating while only using a minimum of energy. The heating shelves have an automatic sensor and are only switched on when a hot dish is on the tray, thereby also reducing energy use. Latest technology: the thermocontact heating system ensures that meals are re-heated gently and thoroughly, using no more power than is necessary. The range 5 sizes with capacity from 16 to 30 trays per trolley. 3 refrigeration versions: Integral refrigeration system: Fresh Separate refrigeration docking station: Stand Fresh CarbofreshTM with CO2 cassette: Carbo For more information, feel free to ask for the leaflet.
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