Dilatation catheter / balloon EMPIRA™, EMPIRA™ NC Cordis

Dilatation catheter / balloon EMPIRA™, EMPIRA™ NC Cordis

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The product, The EMPIRA™ and EMPIRA™ NC Balloon Catheters are the workhorse balloons which is designed with the innovative technology mainly used for the problematic interventions and a broad range of lesions. In the stenotic position of coronary artery the product is used for the balloon dilatation. It is also used for the bypass graft stenosis in order to improve the myocardial perfusion. EMPIRA™ NC is a balloon catheter used in post dilatation which is used in the expansion of the stents of the expandable balloon. The product can efficiently offers DURALYN for next generation. The product is coated with hydrophilic. The cross ability of the catheter is also improved. The product has the best compliance profile of its class coated with lubricious PTFE. The hypo tube shaft is is flexible with resistant to kink. The inner member is built with integrated graphite. The product is built with exceptional features which is easy to use. It comes with improved packaging. The vitro testing is done by EMPIRA™ NC RX PTCA and stent of expandable balloon which is available commercially.
  • Application:dilatation
  • Characteristics:balloon
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