Carotid stent PRECISE® PRO RX® Cordis

Carotid stent PRECISE® PRO RX® Cordis

PRECISE PRO RX Stent is a carotid stenting system utilized for patients who are at high risk for surgery. Due to its low profile design and incorporation of the Cordis TRUMARK Technology, the stent can be easily and accurately placed with minimal stent shortening. Its innovative design reduces the possibility of 'fish-scaling' and kinking in the bends. The segmented device, with its micromesh geometry, flexibility and autotapering design, aids wall apposition. The PRECISE PRO RX Stent can withstand the pressure of the carotid artery with ease while maintaining a gentle chronic outward force on the wall of the vessel and resisting the recoil.
  • Cardiovascular system :carotid
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