Dental unit with LED light / with delivery system ZC-S600 Foshan Joinchamp Medical Device

Dental unit with LED light / with delivery system ZC-S600 Foshan Joinchamp Medical Device

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Features 1.The ZC-S600 integral dental unit is a luxurious dental unit, and it is designed in accordance with ergonomics to bring extra comfort to both the dentist and the patient. 2.Our product has an elegant and streamlined look, whilst the backrest is of large radians to avoid uncomfortableness when it rises. 3.The pantograph arm, operating light, gas spring, major valve, suction tubing, silent low-voltage DC motor and other main components are all introduced from other countries. 4.Our integral dental unit is equipped with a LCD display to intuitively reveal the status of patient chair during operation. Different dentists have different operation habits, so, our integrated dental treatment center is meticulously designed into three types to best fit everyone. The most commonly used one is hanging type, and the other two are top mounted type and mobile type. Details: 1.The assistant’s module arm makes use of double spindles to realize flexible and large-area rotation, thus facilitating the work. 2.The instrument tray contains two separated trays, and the left one, namely the side tray, is able to rotate freely. The handpiece holder has a bigger depth which means the exposed parts of instruments are shortened, thereby ensuring safety during operation. Moreover, the dentist won’t feel awkward when working because the control panel and handpiece holder are of titled design. 3.The trays can be taken out easily for cleaning process, and high-temperature sterilization is applicable to minimize the cross-contamination risk.
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