Dental treatment unit ZC-S400-STANDARD Foshan Joinchamp Medical Device

Dental treatment unit ZC-S400-STANDARD Foshan Joinchamp Medical Device

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It is the newest development, filled with nowadays the world superexcellent and advanced factors; It agglomerates the deviser’s comprehension and knowledge, the modern design and reliable quality would make it as one of the most popular integral dental unit in the world. Meticulous care to patient, the chair performs horizontal compensatory movement when the backrest moves, compensation level is 12cm, completely remove patient’s embarrassed status, to be more comfortable and easy. Triunity design of tissue box, tray and cup holder embodies Ergonomics concept: more care to patient. * The tissue box is idealy set on the middle top of the unit box, with a 70 degree of horizontal line. Direction design is according to movement of patient's hand, convenient to take. * The patent cup holder and the right position are convenient for use. The tray setting is for personal things. * Integral seamless gargling pipe and integral ceramic cuspidor is easy for cleaning. Rotatable design of 90 degree is good for four-hand operation. * Built-out saliva ejector, cuspidor and gargling water adjuster is convenient. * The seamless unit box must be opened by tools, and this design is waterproof and safety against electricity. * Built-in sterilizing water bottle and water bottle is made by special medical material and strong pressure-proof. * The Transparent cover can be opened easily without tool. Water bottle, sterilizing water bottle and adjusters are inside in the transparent cover, Nice and easy for cleaning.
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