Dental treatment unit ZC-9200A-(2011-TYPE) Foshan Joinchamp Medical Device

Dental treatment unit ZC-9200A-(2011-TYPE) Foshan Joinchamp Medical Device

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is the improvement of all previous ZC-9200A old versions. The chair is more stable and cupspidor made of Melamine Resin which is more beautiful and strong. It is an economic practical equipment, designed in 2003. Driven by whist low-voltage DC motor with air spring auxiliary balance; integral Melamine Resin spittoon; application of engineering plastics single forming seamless PU cushion; anti-return design for cooling water of bur prevents cross infection between patients; interlock design between equipment and chair ensures safer operation; constant-temperature and quantitative (computerized) water cupply system, spittoon rinsing time selection. Improving from the basic design: adding cotton tin setting; super-low seat (41 cm) position design; size increase of cushion and backrest to provide a more comfortable seating; speedup the movement of backrest one time more to increase the work efficiency, Non-slip holder design, avoid handpiece dropping; combined foot control contains function of chair movement, flushing, gargling and handpiece operating operation light with 3 intensity and automatic off function, reduce the movement and hand work of dentist during the operation, more efficiency. Standard accessories: 1. Operation light 1 set 2. DC X-film viewer 1 set 3. Three way syringe, 2 pieces (1 for cold and 1 for warm) 4. Integral cuspidor 1 set 5. Constant temperature cup filler 1 set 6. Built-out injecting water purified system 1 set 7. Saliva ejector, 1 set 8. Dental stool, 1 piece
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