Dental ozone therapy unit HUMADENT-UNIT Humares GmbH

Dental ozone therapy unit HUMADENT-UNIT Humares GmbH

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The Humadent® Unit is an ozone therapy device which uses medical grade, pure oxygen. Being lightweight makes the device transportable and perfect for treatment rooms. The unit comes with an ozone delivery footswitch and a Luer handpiece to facilitate injections. It can be used for treating actinomycoses, aphthous, ulcers, gingivitis, and stomatitis as well as preforming root canal gassing. Follow up treatment for implants and granulomas can be done with this machine. After using the Humares® System for 60 seconds maximum, water gas can be applied. Injection treatments are preformed via syringe (I.m./s.c./i.a.). The product features an automatic clean check, a transfer valve that can be sterilized, digital ozone concentration 0 - 70 µg per ml., 0-999 dose calculations, vacuum pumps that goes to -600 mbar, and a thermal catalytic ozone converter. The full device is guaranteed for 2 years and the ozone tubes are guaranteed for 10. Low oxygen detection is also offered by this device.
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