Autohemotherapy infusion set Sangiset® Humares GmbH

Autohemotherapy infusion set Sangiset® Humares GmbH

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Sangiset®-combined infusion bottle Ozone-therapy with Sangiset®-combined infusion bottle. Sangiset® is a patented major autohaemotherapy set, that carries all necessary features for a perfect therapy. Sangiset® is a very light weight major autohaemotherapy set that is very simple to stock, stow away and dispense as medical waste. It is made of unbreakable and ozoneresistant material. It is integrated with: 1. Top extension with Luer-lock connection for vacuuming and ozone injection 2. Blood extension line with Luer-lock connection with a roller clamp 3. Blood filter 4. Two silicone injection plugs, the one on the top is detachable and the one at the bottom is fixed
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