Dental ozone therapy unit HUMADENT® Humares GmbH

Dental ozone therapy unit HUMADENT® Humares GmbH

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Humadent is an ozone therapy device for dentistry which uses pure, medical-grade oxygen and is lightweight, transportable and therefore ideal for any treatment room. This is indicated for Cavity gas application, Root canal treatment, Periodontitis, Gingivitis, Stomatitis, Actinomycoses, Aphthous ulcers, Follow-up treatment for granulomas and implants, Syringe removal and Small autohaemotherapy. Main features include: Footswitch for the delivery of ozone, Handpiece for all Luer cannulas, Automatic clean check, Sterilizable transfer valve, Digital ozone concentration, Thermal catalytic converter for ozone, Low oxygen detection and 2 year device guarantee with 10 year ozone tube guarantee.
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