Dental composite modeling instrument Kohler Medizintechnik

Dental composite modeling instrument Kohler Medizintechnik
Kohler Medizintechnik

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One set of six instruments for modeling composites – one versatile solution for unlimited functionality Numerous materials with individual characteristics are used today for restorations with the direct technique: these characteristics include differences in viscosity, presentation as a single dose or in a syringe, and restoration with a single shade or using a layering technique. Moreover, these materials have a particularly widely varied range of indications, extending from minimally invasive restoration of initial carious lesions to comprehensive restorations in the anterior or posterior regions. In view of this variety of treatment fields/options, it is quite possible to construct specific instruments for each type of material and indication. However, it is more rational to offer a versatile solution that is ergonomic on the one hand yet on the other hand confers unlimited functionality even for unusual applications. The new Composite Instrument Set (according to Dr. Pierre Colon and Dr. Jean-Jacques Lasfargues) made by KOHLER combine all advantages in 6 instruments only, both for posterior and anterior restorations.
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