Dental articulator NT-System DENTSPLY DeguDent

Dental articulator NT-System DENTSPLY DeguDent

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NT - Natural Totalprosthodontics This system uses novel biomechanical concepts to fulfil the desire, voiced by many patients, for the best possible reconstruction of their original physiognomy and their natural speech pattern. It helps create high-quality “comfort dentures” with excellent aesthetic, phonetic and functional properties, restoring the patients’ quality of life. The positional stability of the denture on its denture bed is also greatly improved. Pressure sores – and the ensuing need for denture adjustment at chairside – are reduced to a minimum. The NT principle NT consistently avoids outdated prosthodontic dogma: No anatomical averages are used that only result in uniform standard restorations. It is no longer the mandible, less strongly connected via joints and ligaments, that determines the situation in the maxilla. Conversely, the maxilla, firmly integrated into the entire cranium, that determines the dimensions of a complete denture. The tooth setup is no longer determined by the atrophied ridges but by the correct muscular balance.