Acrylic resin dental prosthesis Artiplus® DENTSPLY DeguDent

Acrylic resin dental prosthesis Artiplus® DENTSPLY DeguDent

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Special pyramidal layering The overall natural impression of Artiplus posteriors is owed, in part, to the pyramid-style layering of three masses of different shades. The cervical area is distinctly darker than the tooth crown. Together with the interdental shadows, this makes for an extraordinarily vivid appearance of the posterior teeth and denture. The dark core shows through in the deepest areas of the molar fossae, between the cusps made of translucent enamel. In this way, the fossa can be designed to a darker finish and highlighted optically. europaflagge Information presented on this webpage only refers to European Markets. Basal concavity and cervical collar The concave basal surface ends in a cervical collar and goes all the way around the tooth. This extends the contact area, providing better retention in wax and, ultimately, in the resin base. If the tooth needs to be shortened, it can be ground in quickly and easily. Easy set-up In designing the Artiplus moulds, positive scientific evidence and aspects of masticatory function were both taken into consideration. This results in the following advantages: - Excellent masticatory balance thanks to permanent multi-point contact at cusp inclinations of 25° – 28°. - The guiding surfaces of the occlusal relief guide the jaws safely to central occlusion. - Ridges with shear action for high masticatory effect using low masticatory forces Shade system The six Artiplus posteriors are available both in V-shades (A1 – D4) and in Biodent shades (10 – 41).
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