Cytological biopsy needle CHIBELL Biopsybell

Cytological biopsy needle CHIBELL Biopsybell

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Use this exceptionally-made aspiration needle when performing soft tissue biopsies or prenatal diagnosis. The versatile Chibell needle is ideal for use during many biopsies, including amniocentesis, cystocentesis, cytological aspiration, needle aspiration, cholangiography, and chorionic villi drawings. Procedures with this needle are less invasive because penetration is improved with its specially-sharpened Quincke-type tip, making it easier to reach very deep areas. Other features that enhance safety and help control the depth of the needle are its centimeter marking, internal echo marker, and sliding stopper. You can see fluids passing through because the Chibell needle has an ergonomic grip constructed of transparent plastic. It also features a universal Luer-lock connector, and the relation of the needle to its grip enables the stylet to have a smooth introduction into the cannula.
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