Biopsy needle / ultrasound-guided SPEEDYBELL Biopsybell

Biopsy needle / ultrasound-guided SPEEDYBELL Biopsybell

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The Speedybell is crafted using AISI 304 stainless steel adhering to the specifications of the ISO 9626 standards. The cannula's end has an echo marker making it possible to track by ultrasound images the location of the needle while the biopsy process is underway. The guillotine needle is available in three variants for different requirements: the manual (also called BETA), the semiautomatic with a "Trocar" tip (also called ALFA), and the manual with a "Trocar" tip. Both the manual (BETA) and the manual with "Trocar" tip (ALFA) versions come outfitted with a depth limiter which enables a 10 mm or 20 mm drawing area.
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