Cytological biopsy needle 3RS® STERYLAB Medical Products

Cytological biopsy needle 3RS® STERYLAB Medical Products

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Liquid Marker for Preoperative Breast Localisation The importance of factual preoperative localization of mammographically detected lesions has been proved. There are several mammographical guideline methods that has to be adhered. Benefits Availability: CARBO REP is available in readymade 2 ml vials that is easy to inject the chosen site to mark the path to the lesion for the surgeon. Stable Marker: The need for a stable marker has been pursued through a special biocompatible charcoal powder suspension specifically treated for this purpose. Wire Dislogement: Wire dislogement and widespread diffusion of the liquid marker into surrounding tissue are well known disadvantages connected with the raised methods. Survey Localization: A survey of localization methods that are currently in use revealed that a needle and wire system is widely used, while a dye alone, commonly methylene blue, is utilized in 8% of cases.
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