Calibration software / analysis / CT / medical OsteoCARE Neusoft Medical Systems

Calibration software / analysis / CT / medical OsteoCARE Neusoft Medical Systems

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Expand CT functions and automatically measure BMD Based on CT images, OsteoCARE performs a 3D bone mineral density (BMD) analysis of two osteoporosis-sensitive body parts, spine and femur, assisting physicians in diagnosing osteoporosis and assessing fracture risk. At the end of the diagnosis, it outputs a report showing the T-score and Z-score, along with Y% and A%; BMD, BMC and volume of slice VOI, femoral neck VOI, user-defined VOI, spine VOI and those values of the corresponding cortical bone and trabecular bone. Features Specialized analysis flow A specialized analysis software both for femur and spine - Based on femoral and spinal CT images, OsteoCARE quantitatively calculates the BMD parameter values - Provide two calibration modes, with-phantom and without-phantom; - Spine BMD analysis module supports both 2D and 3D ROI confirmation, and can provide the spine VR image based on the segmentation result; and - Femoral BMD analysis module supports the automatic positioning of femur neck ROI and can provide the proximal femoral VR image based on the segmentation result. Report -Output an analysis report, including BMD values of cortical bone, trabecular bone, whole bone and ROI, T values, Z values and normal density curve Benefits Support flexible operation mode and increase the hospital?s reputation and patient flow; No consumption of CT tube and just simply scan the spine; and Both hospital and patients may benefit from exposure.
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