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Analysis software / diagnostic / import / medical CT Perfusion Neusoft Medical Systems
CT Perfusion

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CT Perfusion is an image processing software package based on dynamic CT time-series images. It provides parametric images of cerebral blood flow (CBF), cerebral blood volume (CBV), mean transit time (MTT) and time to peak (TTP). Furthermore, it automatically calculates the ratio of infarction core to penumbra, aiding you in detecting cerebral ischemic lesions and conducting early diagnosis and prognosis of cerebral infarction as well as evaluating the effectiveness of thrombolytic therapy. Features Quantitative analysis of the cerebral hemodynamics based on the CT cerebral perfusion images -Provide two mainstream algorithms, maximum slope and deconvolution; -Output four kinds of pseudo-color images, TTP (Time to Peak), MTT (Mean Transit Time), CBV (Cerebral Blood Volume) and CBF (Cerebral Blood Flow); -Provide an ROI delineation tool and the penumbral region can be automatically extracted according to the set threshold range; -Support manual drawing of core infarct zone and penumbra between any two of the parametric images or between CTASI and a parametric image and the software can automatically output the area ratio of the core infarct zone to penumbra; and -Generate diagnostic reports. Benefits Provide two popular analysis models and you can select the one you prefer; Complete parameters help you perform accurate diagnosis; Provide Mismatch analysis unavailable in other products; and Import commonly-used vocabulary into the report
  • Function:import, diagnostic, analysis
  • Application domain:CT, medical
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