Analysis software / viewing / CT / urology UroCARE Neusoft Medical Systems

Analysis software / viewing / CT / urology UroCARE Neusoft Medical Systems

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UroCARE is a software package specially designed for the "computer-assisted" evaluation of urinary systems. Its advanced image processing algorithms can help physicians and clinicians have a better view and a more accurate quantitative analysis result from CT images. It provides two analysis modules for urology specialists. CT KUB View is especially for viewing abdominal ( Kidney, Ureter and Bladder) CT scouts, which are different from ordinary CT scan images, and the enhancement for the scout is provided. HD ROI analysis module can detect, measure and VR display HD ROIs in the urinary system; the extracted HD ROI and kidney can be enhanced and displayed on CT KUB, enabling physicians to conduct both overall and local observation of the ROI and assisting them in diagnosis and follow-up. Features A specialized workstation designed for urologic specialized hospital/clinic Unique software in the world CT KUB (Kidney, Urethra and Bladder) -Stimulate abdominal plain film with enhanced CT scout; and -Follow-up comparison of CT KUB. High Density ROI Analysis -Automatic segmentation of HD ROI in the urinary system with interactive modification provided to ensure the accuracy of the detection result; -Automatic HD ROI localization and measurements, including volume, position, distance to skin and CT value; and -3D visualization of HD ROI. Benefits A unique abdominal CT image analysis software in the international market; and Have obtained several international technology patents.
  • Medical establishment:hospital
  • Application domain:urology, CT, medical
  • Function:viewing , analysis
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