Calcaneal tendon ligament prosthesis / synthetic TENOLIG FH Orthopedics

Calcaneal tendon ligament prosthesis / synthetic TENOLIG FH Orthopedics

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Implant for percutaneous tenosynthesis of Achilles tendon - be POD TENOLIG is the only system on the market that makes possible immediate mobilisation and quicker recovery and return to sport for the patient. The Achilles tendon makes plantar flexion of the ankle possible (standing on tiptoe). The Achilles tendon is an intermediary for inserting the sural triceps muscle into the calcaneum, one of the heel bones. The sural triceps is a powerful calf muscle. When the Achilles tendon tears, examination makes it possible to identify a hollow situated just above the heel and the calf sticks out because of the section of the sural triceps at its point of attachment. The standard treatment proposed by surgeons facing the problem of a torn Achilles tendon varies between 2 solutions : pure orthopaedic treatment with immobilisation, or surgical repair (whether it is a simple suture or a complex repair operation). This is more often than not associated with strict immobilisation.
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