Modular total shoulder prosthesis / traditional ARROW FH Orthopedics

Modular total shoulder prosthesis / traditional ARROW FH Orthopedics

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The ARROW system is a set of solutions that make it possible for surgeons to choose or review their choice of shoulder prosthesis in the peri-operative period. During SOFCOT 2003, the ARROW system was the innovation of the conference. It was one of the first proposals made to surgeons in terms of universality. Since then, many of our competitors have taken their inspiration from this solution. The unique set of instruments, used for implanting the various different prostheses, is a major asset. Indications The indications for shoulder prostheses concern emergency surgery (complex fracture of the upper end of the humerus) and non emergency surgery (arthrosis or glenoid wear, arthritis, sequellae from fractures). The state of the rotator cuff, the age of the patient and condition of the bone stock all play a determining role in the type of prosthesis that can be used.
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