Bone marrow biopsy needle PickUp M.D.L.

Bone marrow biopsy needle PickUp M.D.L.

Created for bone tissue biopsies, the PICK-UP (PJT) needle includes an external Trap-System for increased operational productivity. The Trap-System prevents luxation and invasive penetration. It also comes in the double spoon notch style. A trocar pyramidal tipped stylet on the device expedites procedure time. A cannula which is shaped like a fish's mouth and features a specially sharpened tip makes penetration easier. The syringe has a leur-lock connector on its handle, which provides a safer attachment feature. Insertion depth is determined using the device's centimeter markings. A coupling rotation mechanism in the handle provides needle stabilization. For extracting and measuring samples, the extraction wire well serves both purposes.
  • Application: : bone marrow biopsy
Via Tavani, 1/A,
Delebio (SO)
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