Biopsy needle / semi-automatic SemiCut M.D.L.

Biopsy needle / semi-automatic SemiCut M.D.L.

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UltraLight semiautomatic tru-cut needle for soft tissues biopsy with guillotine system with non-removable cannula LightCut (PD0) needle is a disposable device provided with removable cannula made with AISI 304 steel. – “Menghini” tip that allows an atraumatic precise cutting of the tissue. – Sliding stopper and centimeter marking on the cannula surface for an easily determination of the depth of insertion. – Stylet with ultra-sharp triple tip to penetrate easily also into fibrous tissues. – 20mm specimen notch for the sample capture. – Internal echogenic marker to enhance the ultrasound visibility
  • Application:biopsy
  • Characteristics:semi-automatic
Via Tavani, 1/A,
Delebio (SO)
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