Bone cement injection kit OSSEOFIX+™ Alphatec Spine

Bone cement injection kit OSSEOFIX+™ Alphatec Spine

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Spinal Fracture Reduction System Mixing and Delivery Kit OsseoFix+ Radiopaque Bone Cement is a Self-hardening, ready to use, medium-viscosity bone cement. OsseoFix+ contains a high percentage of radiopaque agent (45%) for maxiumum visibility and radiological control during a percutaneous vertebroplasty procedure. Key Features & Benefits Cement: High radiopacity for maximum visibility and radiological control Medium viscosity enables controlled cement delivery Longer working time, allows for safe injection during vertebroplasty Less monomer elution decreases potential secondary effects due to MMA1 Vertebroplasty Kits Closed mixing and delivery system prevents exposure to fumes1 Ergonomic delivery system allows for controlled cement delivery Over 14" of overall Delivery Gun length minimizeds exposure to radiation 10, 11, 13g Targeting Needles with bevel and trocar stylets address physician preferance. Ability to perform bone biopsy through 10, 11, 13g vertebroplasty systems
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