Lumbar interbody fusion cage / anterior EPICAGE™ Alphatec Spine

Lumbar interbody fusion cage / anterior EPICAGE™ Alphatec Spine

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Epicage™ Lumbar Interbody System is a unique spinal spacer that provides the surgeon with consistent, midline anterior cage placement. The flexible design of this crescent-shaped PEEK cage allows it be delivered through a minimally invasive straight tube, and upon exit, flexes back to its original shape. Implant placement is controlled without the need for excessive force or impaction to deliver the implant into the intervertebral disc space. Far anterior placement of the cage allows the surgeon to dial in lordosis with supplemental fixation and achieve optimal sagittal balance. Finally, bone graft delivery is done efficiently through the same portal as implant placement, thus minimizing surgical procedure steps while protecting surrounding nerves and potentially decreasing operating time. Key Features & Benefits Consistent, midline anterior placement Anterior placement permits large graft volume and optimal sagittal balance Portal protects nerves Unique self-steering cage delivers consistent, controlled midline placement Placement provides for large graft volume and stability Portal protects nerves during implant delivery
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