Bone cement ALPHAGRAFT® Alphatec Spine

Bone cement ALPHAGRAFT® Alphatec Spine

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Demineralized Bone Matrix AlphaGRAFT Demineralized Bone Matrix AlphaGraft DBM is a bone graft substitute composed of DBM in a reverse phase medium. AlphaGraft DBM is designed to supplement other Alphatec Spine products to help promote successful surgical outcomes. Key Features and Benefits Osteoinductive Potential - Each lot of AlphaGraft DBM is tested in a quantitative in vitro assay for its ability to stimulate new bone formation. Superior Handling - Available as a putty or gel, AlphaGraft DBM is highly malleable and easy to mold and pack into any defect. Excellent Graft Containment - AlphaGraft DBM thickens at body temperature and resists irrigation to minimize the likelihood of migration from surgical site. Ready-to-use Application - AlphaGraft DBM is available for immediate use with no refrigeration, thawing, mixing or other preparation needed.
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