Autopsy table / with downdraft ventilation / with sink DV Deluxe CSI-Jewett

Autopsy table / with downdraft ventilation / with sink DV Deluxe CSI-Jewett
DV Deluxe

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Deluxe Ventilated Autopsy Table Basic autopsy table with double-cone, down-draft ventilation. Dimensions - 99 ¾"Wide x 30 ¼" Deep x 35 ½" Fixed Height 2534 mmm x 771 mm x 902 mm Table Body and Sink - 14 GA type 304 Welded, #4 Polished stainless steel Welded sanitary Type 304 stainless steel construction with large radius inside corners for easy cleanup 3/4 inch radius rolled edge provides superior strength to table top and inhibits the collection of fluid or debris on the underside of the table. Manufactured without crevices, lapped edges, rivets, bolts or other fastening devices so that work surfaces remain smooth and prevent accumulation of bacteria Center drain in table with pre-strainer cover and a secondary stand-pipe, basket-type strainer Lever handle waste drain control sink Double-cone style down-draft ventilation system Exhaust connects to 6-inch (15.2cm) duct for ventilation 100 -250 CFM with 0.23” – 0.85” pressure drop Exclusive full-width, integral sink (14 inches long by 10 inches deep(35.6 x 25.4cm) with overflow protection, a 1.5-inch (3.8cm) drain and deck-mounted plumbing features Legs – 1-5/8 OD, 16GA Polished stainless steel Feet- Sanitary, adjustable stainless steel flanged type feet Plumbing Wrist-operated, chrome-plated brass faucet, with hot and cold water flow control valves and swivel goose neck spout Exposed: chrome plated brass piping "Reverse-flow" hydro-aspirator with built-in vacuum breaker includes hot and cold water flow control, 10 feet (3.05meters) of PVC hose, hose storage rack and anti-aerosol waste outlet 1 ½ lever handle waste drain
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