Dissimulation trolley / mortuary SR1867-09 CSI-Jewett

Dissimulation trolley / mortuary SR1867-09 CSI-Jewett

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General Specifications: Dimensions 34-1/8" X 86-1/2" X 55" (867mm x 2197mm x 1397mm) MT2 Body Tray Type 304 Polished 16 GA (0.06"[1.5mm]) Stainless Steel, One-Piece Welded Construction Full Width Handle 1” Diameter Type 304 Polished Stainless Steel 30-1/4"(768mm) X 79-1/2" (2019mm) X 2-3/4"(70mm) Tray Saddle Assembly All Stainless Steel, Type 304, Welded Construction With Pivot Assembly For Mechanical Attachment To Base Base Construction Mild Steel Frame With Enamel Finish, with a Thermoformed ABS Plastic Base Cover With Integrated Storage Tray Casters 8" (203mm) Dia., With Four Wheel Ring Brake System, Dual End Activators, And Thermoformed ABS Plastic Wheel Covers Height Control Hydraulic, Foot Operated, Raise / Lower / Tilt, Overall Adjustment Range Of 9 3/4"(248mm) Concealment Frame – 1” Aluminum Frame False Cover - Washable Gray Vinyl With Lace Straps Concealment Sheet - Contoured, Heavy Duty Vinyl Drape Approximate Shipping Weight - 150 Lb. (68 Kg.) Approximate Shipping Volume - 66 Cu. Feet, 1.87 Cu. Meters
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