Automatic urine analyzer 60 tests/h | UF-500i Sysmex Europe GmbH

Automatic urine analyzer 60 tests/h | UF-500i Sysmex Europe GmbH
60 tests/h | UF-500i

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UF-500i – High-quality urinalysis at the touch of a button Our new UF-series of urinalysis devices is unique. Using fluorescence flow cytometry, the UF-500i offers two separate channels: one for bacteria and one for sediment particles. This means you can now detect possible urinary tract infections in about one minute instead of hours at a rate of up to 60 samples per hour. And with its other diagnostic indicators, you can easily indicate contaminations, inflammations, bacterial and mycotic infections. You can improve your productivity levels thanks to negative sample avoidance, unattended walkaway operation and full automation. Of course, it’s all backed by Sysmex’s globally renowned service and support. Sysmex is known around the world for its world-leading haematology analysers based on fluorescence flow cytometry. We have now successfully applied this best-in-class technology to urinalysis and body fluid analyses that need high quality results, even in clinically relevant low concentration ranges. Our analysers offer greater clinical value and enhanced productivity. This translates into faster, more sensitive analysis for patients, and an improved cost-result ratio for users.

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