Automatic microplate washer Biochrom Asys Atlantis Biochrom

Automatic microplate washer Biochrom Asys Atlantis Biochrom
Biochrom Asys Atlantis

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The Biochrom Asys Atlantis microplate washer for standard ANSI SBS footprint 96-well plates with flexiblility in washing options, simple operation and digitally controlled aspiration and dispensing pumps. The Biochrom Asys Atlantis is the perfect choice to compliment any microplate reader in any applications environment. Key Features Configurable to many different well formats for maximum flexibility Optional 16-way manifold for washing 384-well plates Detachable plate carrier for easy cleaning Low noise, pressure-free aspiration and dispensing pumps Auto rinse function prevents liquid path clogging Reduces aerosols due to cover and pumping technology Optional liquid level sensors
  • Operation:automatic
22 Cambridge Science Park,
United Kingdom
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