Automatic medicine vial filling and counting system KL50ic/icf KirbyLester

Automatic medicine vial filling and counting system KL50ic/icf KirbyLester

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KL50ic/icf — Small- to mid-volume packing The KL50 (ic and icf models) is ideal for pharmaceutical and supplement manufacturing facilities, clinical trials, check counting and other specialty applications needing small- to mid-capacity counting and filling. The KL50ic/icf also is well-suited for manufacturing facilities that need absolute accuracy when batch-counting identical-shaped items (e.g., seeds, electronic components). High-speed counting system for batch verification, packing tablets, or batch-counting identical-shaped parts Fast, accurate counting using Kirby Lester technology (up to 1,920 parts/minute, adjustable) No adjustments to count different products Small footprint, simple operation and cleaning Two versions: The KL50ic holds up to 500 size-0 capsules in the bowl; the KL50icf accommodates an additional 1,800 capsules (2 liters) in the removable rotating hopper Operating the KL50ic/icf is simple. Fill either the vibratory bowl (KL50ic) or rotating hopper (KL50icf). Enter the number of parts needed per container and the number of containers. Start the KL50. The technology quickly counts each piece, and batches are delivered to final bottles or vials beneath the left and right exits. With the KL50, you can adjust the counting speed, depending on the shape of the unit being counted and your operational needs.
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