Automated medication dispensing system KL100 KirbyLester

Automated medication dispensing system KL100 KirbyLester

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KL100 — Streamlined robotic dispensing for medium to high volume pharmacies — with "FillSafe™ " security system The KL100 brings a new level of efficiency and safety to busy retail/outpatient pharmacies and central fill facilities. Fully 50 percent (or more) of a pharmacy?s total daily orders can be easily dispensed in a robot that?s less than 5 feet deep. The streamlined KL100 is smaller than most pharmacy robots and easily fits into an existing floor plan without the need for renovation. But by automating 100 of a pharmacy?s top-moving tablets and capsules, the KL100 provides an elevated capacity for pharmacies wanting to automate a higher number of SKUs. With the KL100 managing the bulk of your prescriptions, your staff can then focus on important initiatives that drive your pharmacy forward. New! The exclusive "FillSafe™ " system elevates security levels in the KL100, preventing any unapproved cassette replenishment. The KL100 is proof-positive that you don?t need an oversized, overpriced pharmacy robot to manage the majority of your daily prescriptions quickly, safely and accurately.
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